The benchmark in Simulated Second Skin


Microskin™ is a revolution in specialised skin solutions.

It represents the gold standard in simulated skin technology that is the benchmark in wearability, durability and flexibility all while allowing your skin to breathe and perspire as it would normally.

Understanding skin health is essential to our wellbeing, Microskin™ is developed and made in Australia to the highest of safety standards. Microskin™ is a liquidised technology that offers an unparalleled versatility to numerous skin conditions. It offers never before seen levels of sun protection, manages skin pigmentation and discolouration conditions and in the future has the capability to act as the delivery agent of functional medications*. Microskin™ creates a very new and truly exciting time in the treatment, protection and management of the largest organ in the human body, your skin!

*Trials beginning 2019

What Microskin™ colour are you?

Microskin has 35 generic colours in our range. From the fairest to the darkest skin tone Microskin™ has a colour that will match your skin. The Microskin™ developed “Colour-Match” technology allows you to perfectly match a Microskin™ colour to your skin tone anywhere on your body, giving you the comfort in knowing that Microskin is specifically made for your requirements.

Colour Match Technology

The technology in Microskin™ is not only about our revolutionary product. To enable you to get the perfect Microskin™ colour to match your skin tone, we have developed the Microskin™ Colour Match App. This App will work on any iOS or Android smart phone and is available for free on the iTunes or Google Play stores. The App is easy to use and promises to match one of our 35 generic colours with your skin tone where you can buy directly online or contact your nearest Microskin specialist for a complete consultation.

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